Pasta 600.27

Pasta 600.27 derives from Carla Latini experience, from 25 years “with hands in pasta”. From the research of experimental fields through the selection of the most tenacious, flavored varieties of durum wheat. A pasta where firm texture and flavor are indissolubly married. The Trucioli format by Gualtiero Marchesi is the flagship of all line. Inspired by Maurizio Riva and produced by Carla Latini for the special dish of the Master Marchesi at Expo 2015: saffron trucioli.
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Riserva San Massimo

Finally in USA “THE” Rice !! Best Chefs Choice….The only 100% Italian Carnaroli….Riserva San Massimo…..The rice is cultivated exclusively inside the Riserva. The soil on which the agricultural enterprise San Massimo stands – a cove of the Ticino river that changed its course over the years – turned out to be extraordinarily fertile. In the whole area a very rich, peaty soil can be found, that develops from vegetative remains and microorganisms. Due to the water’s acidity they don’t corrode completely, thus keeping the soil so fertile that it does not need a lot of manuring. Only in rare cases organic substances (grape marc, green manure and other vegetal materials) are used as a supplement.

Petra Flour

Now available at 7Foods, It is currently the only industrial-sized Italian mill to have developed a modern stone-grinding process that uses the most advanced technologies for cleaning the grain of foreign bodies, weeds and mycotoxins, in a production environment that protects the flour from external contamination, all the way from the millstone to the sack. Today just like the first day , the mark of passion fills every thought, action, and relationship. A day doesn’t pass that is not spent in the search for better people, better grains and technologies that respect the family tradition. In turn, respect the life that nature infuses every grain of wheat with, and the work to transfer this intact to consumers’ tables. To do this it is not enough to produce, but also to communicate , to let everyone know just what a good flour is. Is also a Kosher certificate product.

Petra N. 3

100% Italian common wheat, grown with integrated agricultural systems and traced from field to Mill, without mycotoxin, pesticides and preservatives.
Common wheat with characteristics ideal for the types of finished product given. Extreme purity and wholesomeness of this product are guaranteed by the modern stone grinding system.
all types of pizza on a plate, deep pan pizza and on peel, bread sticks and crackers, puff pastry.
Using Petra®3 for your products gives them a series of advantages in the preparation and with the finished product.